Welcome to Kristina Olson Photography.

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I finally have it up and running and I’m pretty excited about it.  This adventure has finally started…. I’ve often thought of taking up photography for many reasons.  I love pictures and if any of you have been to my house you know most of my wall hangings are pictures my children. I decided I’m running out of wall space so I better start taking pictures for others.   I cherish the ones of me holding my kids when they were newborns, as they are only so small for such a short time; and if  any of you know me I LOVE babies!!  I want to capture moments that people will remember for a lifetime and will recapture those deep emotions you were feeling at the time of the picture.  I find it sad how life gets so busy and before you know it years have passed by.

My husband and I were high school sweethearts,  we have been married for 15yrs.  I feel very fortunate to be married to my best friend.  He has been there and supported me through so many things in life and is excited for me to pursue something I am passionate about.  I have 4 beautiful children, Haylee, Ava, Griffin and Jack. They haven’t seen as much of me lately but I’m hoping they understand that I’m doing this becuase I’m passionate about photography and it’s takes hard work to make your dreams happen.  Life is to short, it’s important we find things that makes us happy.  There is a saying on the top of our fireplace that I LOVE, it reads:  “You never know when you are making a memory!”


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