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Hi everyone it’s been a long time since I have blogged here. I now have a new blog and have been busy the last two days trying to catch on blogs this past year. I would love for you to follow me on it here is the link:

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My First Photography Birth Story {Meet: The Kochie Family}

I’m very excited to share my first photography birth story with you!! Words can’t describe the emotions I felt being part of this special moment. I realize birth photography isn’t for everyone, as parents or as photographers. It’s very personal and emotional but I don’t think you would regret capturing the birth of you babies. My husband and I have 4 kids and didn’t have anyone else in the room with us, BUT I sure wish I would have had this opprotunity to have a photographer in the corner capturing the emotion and connection between my husband and I, and the moment our little one arrived. We have very few pictures because my husband was busy being with me and I only remember parts of the labor.
I decided to take on birth photography because I really love newborns and I enjoyed the whole pregnancy/birthing experience myself. The whole experience is such a miracle. I think capturing the emotion between husband and wife is priceless. There’s a special feeling when you see your husband hold your newborn son or daughter for the first time, and as a mother you never forget that feeling of holding your newborn against you skin on skin.
I was very honored that Shannon and Jon were willing to have me in the room to share in the arrival of there first baby. Shannon arrived at the hospital after her water broke and I received the first phone call around 2am from Jon. I arrived at the hospital about 8:00 am. Shannon started pushing at 9am, and at 10:02 tears of joy and relief were shed as their baby was brought to Shannon’s chest. They were excited to find out they had been blessed with a beautiful daughter weighing 7lbs 14oz and measuring 20 1/4″. Arriving 4 days late, I must say 12-12-12 is the coolest birthday to have. After narrowing it down between 3 names, they decided to name her Harper. She is the first grandbaby on either side and I’m sure she will be spoiled. It looked like she had her Daddy wrapped around her finger already!































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2013 a more balanced year

2012 has been a year that I never thought would be so successful, yet so emotional.  I’m sooo beyond grateful for my busy schedule and for all the clients who believed in me to capture their families.  However, to be very honest it was a year that came with a lot of stress and growing pains, which is to be expected with a new business.  The amount of time away from my family was very difficult.  …

I learned a great deal this past year and am amazed at how great and appreciative most people can be.  After a lot of thought, prayer, and talking with my husband I have decided to continue with the business, but on a more limited basis.        I have had several inquires for 2013 and have decided the direction I’m going to take for the new year: I will mainly be doing mini sessions: spring, summer, fall and winter. Engagement sessions will only be for couples who have booked their wedding with me ♥ 3 out of 5 openings for weddings have been booked!  I will be booking a very limited number of seniors ( I’ve started booking now and remember they are outdoor only). Birth Photography is a new session that I will be taking on, if you know anyone that would be interested please contact me or give them my information.  Birth is amazing and I sure wish I had this available to me when I had my babies.  ALL sessions will include cds and will require a signed contract and deposit at booking.        My goal as your photographer is for you to like what I do and for who I am,  not be compared to other photographers. I look forward to a year of capturing moments of new and past clients. ♥

Thankful for what has come my way

I have decided to set some business hours for myself to gain my sanity back and to become a better mom and put my family first♥ I will basically be working my photography business Monday evenings and Fridays: checking/responding to messages/emails, editing. I’m apologizing now for the time it is taking me to get pictures and galleries back to everyone. I’ve overloaded myself and need to s tep back…

and reevaluate. Thank you everyone for understanding and if you have given me the opportunity to photograph you I’m VERY thankful for the experience. If you have upcominng sessions I look forward to having fun with you. I’m not currently booking anymore sessions this year. THANK YOU again to everyone who has been supportive and have given me kinds words. My heart is overwhelmed with the love you have all shown me ♥ THANK YOU

Terrible at blogging

I just wanted to write to all of my blog followers,  If you haven’t noticed I’m terrible at keeping my blog up to date.  I’m grateful for everyone who follows me and my work, and honestly I think about my blog A LOT!  I’m so grateful for this last year and all the new clients I have met and thankful to clients who have referred me to others. I  honestly don’t have the time to keep up with my facebook page, blog, sessions, editing, my other job, my family and other great things life throws at us. My blog is the one suffering.  The process seems to take forever to put up a post of pictures and can be very frustrating.  I hope to get back on track when things slow down which probably won’t be until the snow flies in January or later; I know wishful thinking!  I know there are so many successful bloggers who share amazing posts, I hope one day  to be like them.  Until then I would love for you to follow me on facebook at Kristina Olson Photography.  There is a link on my blog that will take you right there.  I try and do a sneak peak in a day or two after a session.  If you don’t have facebook I certainly appreciate you checking my blog for recent posts and I do hope to be better at staying current in the future. 

Strangstalien 50th Wedding Anniversary-Perfect time to Celebrate FAMILY

This will be the one and only time I think I will have the pleasure of having Alpacas be part of a family picture.  I always find it so meaningful when pictures can be taken at a place with so much meaning…  beautiful family farm with beautiful people!


They were so sweet to think of me and wish me…..

Thank you Sheri for the yummy cupcake it was perfect for my car ride!  What a wonderful family you all have, thank you for the memories.